When you get out of work, do you find yourself taking the kids to practice or spending hours at the grocery store?  Are you on the go non-stop from the time you wake up until you go to sleep?  Do you find yourself snacking because you didn't have time for a healthy meal?  Are you on a first name basis with the delivery guy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're not alone.  Many moms are so busy, they find it hard to eat healthier and lose weight.  Well, here's some advice from holistic health care consultants and nutrition experts Jen Meister and Sarah Anderson.  In a recent interview, they shared 10 health-related mistakes make by moms on-the-go, and ways to fix the problems.

  • 1

    Not Planning Meals Ahead Of Time

    Don't leave for work in the morning without knowing what's for dinner that night. Since Sunday is generally less busy than other days of the week, create a dinner plan or menu for the week and shop accordingly. Be sure to factor in everyone's schedule, and also use Sunday as the day to prep each meal. That way you can have dinner on the table in just minutes when you get home.

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    Getting Dehydrated

    When dealing with that afternoon slump, slamming a coffee or an energy drink may seem like a good idea.  But that will likely lead to a crash.  Instead, keep a water bottle with you and keep refilling it through the day.  You can figure out how much water you should drink each day by dividing your body weight in half, and drink that many ounces of water.

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    Not Packing Yourself Healthy Snacks

    As busy as you are, you would never send your kids to school or a long day of practice without something to eat and drink?  Of course not!  You need to take care of yourself as you would them.  When you're prepping lunches for the kids, cut up extra fruits and veggies and store them in reusable containers.  When you head out for the day, you can grab them along with nuts, yogurt or hard-boiled eggs on your way out the door.  This will cut back on, or totally eliminate trips to the vending machine.

  • 4

    Making Bad Decisions When Ordering Takeout

    When leading a busy lifestyle, more often then not getting takeout becomes less of a choice, and becomes more like the only option.  While pizza is a convenient option, add a soup, salad or steamed vegetables to your order.  Indulging on occasion is okay, but be sure to back it up with something healthy.

  • 5

    Eating Processed, Packaged or Refined Foods

    Sometimes when we're in a hurry, we'll grab something quick and easy when walking out the door.  But many of the prepackaged foods we eat are full of preservatives, sugar, stabilizers and other junk.  Keep in mind when reading ingredients that fewer is better, and if you can't pronounce it, skip it.

  • 6

    Eating Too Many "White" Foods

    White breads and pastas are not as good for you and are much less filling.  So eat healthier and get more out of what you consume by eating whole-grain breads and pastas, brown rice and other whole grains.  Planning ahead and prepping ahead of time will help at the end of a busy day.

  • 7

    Allowing Yourself To Get Hungry

    The not-so-fresh danish in the vending machine or the stail, rock-hard 'soft' pretzel at the concession stand wouldn't have been calling your name if only you had a healthy meal earlier in the day.  The experts say that eating every three hours will help regulate blood sugar and prevent you from gorging yourself at the dinner table.

  • 8

    Skipping The Most Important Meal Of The Day

    If you typically don't have time to eat breakfast in the morning, prep something the night before.  Something like oatmeal can be prepared the night before and stored in a thermos overnight.  That way it's ready to go when you are.

  • 9

    Not Getting Exercise

    Despite what some may think, running your kids around doesn't count as exercise.  If you can't make a trip to the gym during the day, keep a pair of tennis shoes in your car.  That way while the kids are warming up you can go for a quick jog and get some fresh air.

  • 10

    Too Much Multitasking

    This one is simple... SLOW DOWN!  Speeding because you're running late or texting while in the car are extremely dangerous, and illegal.  Take a deep breath and live in the moment.  If you do end up with a few extra minutes at home, take a walk or jog around the block.  When you're at one of the kids sporting events, actually watch the game.  The experts conclude with this thought, "When you are spending time with your kids, really be there. Disconnect from technology and enjoy being a mother. It isn't all about 'getting it done'. Your kids really want to interact with you."